Project manager

Miejsce pracy:

Danfoss is offering you a career opportunity as Project Manager for our division in Tuchom. Our ambition is to become recognized by our customers and users for best in class (autumated, transparent, connected, efficient, fast, and flexible) E2E business process.

You will play an important role as you will lead development and execution of new Make to Order (MTO) and Engineer to Order (ETO) E2E business process.

Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Develop and propose new DBL MTO/ETO business and system E2E strategy by focusing on customer needs, project objective, challenges, and the economic success of project
  • Define key qualifiers that will make MTO/ETO process more automated, transparent, connected, faster, agile and will expand flexibility and customization for customers
  • Actively participate in defining and executing new MTO/ETO business strategy in Station business
  • Actively cooperate in other cross-functional activities related to business & system processes
  • Coordinate project activities cross-functionally on different hierarchical levels
  • Review and understand market's/customer needs and provide ideas for qualitative objectives
  • Develop & execute operational plans
  • Manage boundaries and allocate resources

Background & Skills

To be considered to the position we require Bachelor ‘s degree in Mechanical or Engineering and at least 5 years‘ experience in similar role.

We also expect:

  • Very good written and spoken communication skills – especially English
  • Analytical and problem-solving thinking
  • Ability to guide and motivate people to act
  • Ability to motivate improvements and drive the change
  • Proactivity and customer focus
  • Ability to work in cross-functional team