IT Services Manager

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Job responsibilities:

·        Set and enforce policies/procedures for computer systems operation and data          processing,

·        Oversee the hiring and training of IT service technicians and operators,

·        Direct the operations of IT service representatives to ensure effective performance of          job duties,

·        Ensure the availability of required hardware, software, and other tools necessary for          the delivery of high quality IT service,

·        Carry out analysis of an organization’s IT structure to identify operational leaks and          effect strategies for improved processes,

·        Conduct inspections to ensure IT equipment and workstations are operational,

·        Oversee the maintenance, repair or replacement of faulty machines,

·        Communicate with clients to identify their requirements and facilitate the process for          meeting their needs,

·        Conduct forecasts in order to identify possible future IT challenges and take necessary          steps in minimizing risks,

·        Work around annual budgets to achieve set objectives and targets,

·        Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of hardware, software and general IT systems by          studying relevant publications and participating in educational programs,

·        Oversee the installation and setup of IT workstations and network,

·        Supervise the activities of customer service team to ensure compliance withset          customer service standards and procedures,

·        Maintain accurate inventory of hardware, software, and other relevant technological          tools,

·        Proffer recommendations to management on appropriate action plans for improved          services,

·        Ensure the security and integrity of information database,

Our requirements:

·        Bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field is required,

·        Willingness to grow your competencies by gaining exposure in multiple business          entities across the world and communicates effortlessly in both written and          spoken English,

·        Project management experience,

·        Resultoriented, motivated and a self-starter,  

·        Technical understanding of Microsoft client technologies in an enterprise context,

·        Experience in IT ticketing systems.