Analytics Solution Architect (m/f/d)

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Do you love working with data? Would you like to work in an international company?

If yes, this position is for you !

As an Analytics Solution Architect you will be guiding colleagues throughout the company to get most value from our current and future data assets. You will be working closely with digital leads, data engineers, architects, and BI developers to guide on future-proof data science solutions. In this role you will be designing the solutions, suggesting relevant tools and methodologies, to support and guide development, implementation and operation carried out by other stakeholders.You will be part of engaging setup working with data intelligence and advanced analytics, currently growing to support the increased focus on data and analytics across the value chain and lines of business

Job Responsibilities

Your tasks will vary from project to project, and might cover the following:

  • Engage with business stakeholders, mapping their requirements to relevant reporting and analytics solutions for implementation.
  • Support implementation of analytics solutions to satisfy current requirements and support future needs.
  • Operationalize analytics by closing data-to-insight-to-action loop i.e. deep understanding of the applications and integration infrastructure environment
  • Build and maintain reference architecture, encouraging a modular approach with re-usability and sharing.
  • Design analytics solutions keeping in mind non-functional requirements incl. performance, security, quality, stability, cost.
  • Solve complex issues and articulate complex ideas in a simple understandable way to varying stakeholders.
  • Having an outlook on the development of technologies in the market, and planning how it can be leveraged to meet the needs in the organization.
  • Define standards, guidelines, and better practices for others to adopt while considering analytics.
  • Evaluation of new technologies and offerings from vendors and consultants
  • Proactively identify applications of new data sources or existing assets with stakeholders


  • Proactive and taking ownership to drive projects, tasks, and initiatives.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively creating impact (possibly indirectly through others).
  • Good collaboration skills in a global environment across cultures.
  • Great team player and ability to partner with diverse people with varying competencies.
  • Open mindedness, curiosity, and willingness to learn and develop.
  • Entrepreneur mindset to work in self-managed, autonomous environment.
  • Passion to build data driven organization with attention to end-user focus in designing analytics solutions.

Background & Skills

  • Bachelor in relevant field (e.g. computer science, software engineering, …)
  • Minimum 5 years of on hands experience on different analytics tools and frameworks
  • Minimum 3 years experience as a solution architect for analytics.
  • Overview of data science tools and methodologies, as well as cloud and solution providers, e.g. Azure and AWS.
  • Understanding of SAP and ERP environments are preferred.
  • Experience with deployment to different environments: e.g. local, cloud and edge.
  • Experience with stream processing.
  • Programming experience in data science languages, e.g. Python, R, Scala etc.
  • User-focused integration between tools – e.g. integration of ML in Excel and Power BI.
  • Experience with capturing requirements in data models.
  • Experience with evaluating and testing of data science solutions is an advantage.

We offer

  • Annual bonus
  • Insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Parking space
  • International team
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flexibility with remote working options (presence on the relevant meetings/workshops is needed from time to time)

Who we are?

We are a central supporting and enablement function based in Group IT. We collaborate with mature data science setups, as well as fostering and supporting new initiatives with smaller teams with colleagues who are less experienced with analytics and data science. To succeed there is a need for a general curiosity towards data to understand what value it can bring in different domains as e.g., business analytics, new product development, smart manufacturing, and improved service offerings. We are focusing on ongoing learning and development, and it is important that we stay up to date with the development in the analytics domain, which includes evaluating and integrating new technology and methodologies when relevant. Our vision is to ‘harness the power of data’ to drive actionable insights and create impact across Danfoss, focusing on a shared and modular approach to optimize synergies, quality, and governance. We are a team advising and supporting all aspects of data-driven decision-making.